Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

Ding, ding, Time to go home, yes I’m so excited I can already feel the relaxation spreading through my body. When I get home I’m so thrilled to get to play with my dogs, cats and chat with my family. When I walk in the door, I feel loved and welcome. In my home we accept everyone for what they are no matter what race, skin color, religion, or what country they come from.

In my home we make traditions and we change traditions. In my family we have respect for each other. Between everyone in my family we each have loyalty and trust between the bonds of love. I’ve had sad days, happy days, good days in my home. My home is where I learn and grow. Where I make mistakes and apologize. I’ve had so many great feeling and memories It’s hard to count them all.

I hope that that everyone has a good happy home. One that makes them feel good, happy, appreciated, welcome and special. Something that make them feel precious through out anything.