Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

When my bus comes to a halt, I can’t wait to dart inside. To see my parents and to get under my roof. They’ll quiz about our day, then ask if we need anything. Sometimes they’re not home right away, but I know that they will hurry home no matter where they are.

Home is where I started to ride when I was only two years old, where I brush Pretzel, my very favorite horse. Home is where all of the memories are made. That’s because all of my family is there right with me.

Home is where I walk the dog, where I run around and where I’m always loved. Home is where I read my book or play a game. It is where I feel relaxed and great delight every time I walk in the door.

It makes me feel great sorrow for those who don’t have a home. To make memories, to feel safe or to feel warm. So I truly hope that in the future of this world everyone will have a place to call home.