Grade 4

New Brunswick

The Meaning of Home

When I get home to the food on the table, I feel carefree. My home is not like any other houses. It is where my family lives together.
A home is where you have privacy, shelter and where memories are born. The most important thing is love. At home is where you learn manners, self-control, how to cook, responsibility and more. Home is where to rest your sleepy head, hang your hat, and read in peace.
You know that some people are not so lucky. They have no table or food. They do not even have a home to take everything off their shoulders. Home is a great place to play with a sibling or by yourself. Home is a place to talk about your feelings. Home is where you are. If you live in a box, that is home. If it is the street, that is home.
Home is exquisite. It is where we learn from our mistakes. It is also where you learn life skills. Home is a place where your friend can come over for a playdate or sleepover. It is where you learn about technology. When I am home, I feel accepted. Home is where you get dressed without people watching you. A home needs to be cared for, so chores are important. Home is a place to bathe.
Home is a place where memories are born. It is a place to play, a place to live and love. Home is where to feel carefree, accepted and more. Home is a place to learn manners and responsibility. Home is a place to take care of each other.