Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

Home is where I feel safe. It’s where I feel loved by family and friends. Home is where I eat, sleep and drink. What really makes it home is my Bijon, Winston. Without him I don’t know what I would do.

I feel safe at home because I know everything and everyone around it. I also feel loved because my family is there with me. If it wasn’t for my house I couldn’t eat, sleep or drink that much. My dog Winston couldn’t either. My dog Winston has been in my family for years by now. He has loved every house. My home means so much to my family because without it we wouldn’t know where to live. I think I have the perfect home. What makes it a house is my bed, the couch, the rugs, the roof and the table. What makes it a home is my family , friends, pets and memories. Without my home I wouldn’t have anywhere to sleep.

I hope I live in this home for awhile. My house has become home for me in many ways. My home is just the right size for me. I LOVE MY HOME!!!