Grade 6

Grande Prairie

The Meaning of Home

Home is like a friend, a friendship that will never end. It takes care of you. Even when you’re feeling blue. You wash the dishes, sweep the floor, and do your work, and your home gives fresh air, fresh water and some network, and an awesome, beautiful, calm, wild, crazy safe place to call home.

Habitat: We are all animals, and because we are crazy, we need a place to keep our craziness somewhere. HOME

Opportunity: The day you were born, you come HOME sounding like a french horn. With your mother pushing you in your stroller & and you come into your Habitat. Now, this is an opportunity to play, grow up and be what you want to be.

Memories: Some people think that your HOME is where you watch TV, make food and do whatever, but you would have Memories with you HOME forever and ever.

Everyday: Everyday you wake and get ready. Everyday you see the smile on your parents’ faces or whoever lives with you. Everyday you get stressed out from work or taking care of your kids. Everyday you eat your supper and get ready for the night, and everyday you say “what a great day”

So please, when you’re in your bed just say, “Thank you” to you HOME for taking care of you.

And that is the true meaning of……

Habitat Opportunity Memories Everyday