Grade 5


The Meaning Of Home

Woof is the first sound I hear when I get home, and I see my dog. Standing there happy to see me. Leaping in front of me, and licking my face.

Home is where you and your family all live together. At home you can relax. At home you celebrate holidays and birthdays. At home I feel safe and accepted for who I am. At home you have your own bedroom, that’s just for you and nobody else. Home is where memories are made. At home friends come over and make new memories. Sometimes you and your friends think of old memories. At home are some of your earliest memories are made. At home you can do whatever you want, like dreaming and wishing. At home you try new things. At home you and your family have special movie and game nights all together. At home you have running water. At home one of my favorite things to do is play with my stuff or have fun in my backyard. At a house you don’t have all the things you have at your home. At a house you have couch, table, rug, stairs. At home you have many different and special things, that you wouldn’t have in a house.

My home is a special place to me and my family. My home is my favorite place to be, in the world. I think everyone deserves a home or a safe place to be, no matter who they are or what they look like.