Grade 6

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador

The Meaning of Home

Home, what does it mean? I will tell you the meaning of home in this essay. In social studies/religion we are learning about the meaning of home. A home is where you can feel loved and cherished by your family and friends with uncontrollable laughter and playfulness. There are 1.7 million families in need of a safe, decent home. Most of those people are living on the streets. Some can’t afford rent to pay so they are forced to live on the streets and no one will take them in. All they need is to be loved, not on the streets. What if you had to live on the streets and no one would take you in and care for you? Would you be sad? Of course you would. You would have to sleep on the cold sidewalk and you would be shivering to death. You would probably get 10 cents and get nothing from the store. The next person would give you 25 cents. Eventually someone would take you in their home and give you food to eat. Some hot tea to drink. You would feel loved and cherished. That’s the meaning of home.