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Nova Scotia

The Meaning Of Home.

Home is not just a building you live in, it’s a part of you and a feeling. I am going to talk about what home really means to me.
My family is a part of my home. They are always there for me when I am hurt, sick or sad. They push me to be my best self everyday. When I’m around them I always feel so comfortable and safe. Even though my Dad doesn’t live with me, he still calls me almost everyday to talk about what I’m doing over Facetime.

Whenever I’m home I’m free to be myself, I don’t have to pretend what I am or what I’m not. You can act funny, goofy or even just weird (There is nothing wrong with being weird by the way, everyone has a talent). Everyday my family always tells me to be myself, not someone else.

My friend’s house is also my home. She always treats me like I belong. She always includes me when there are other people over at her house also. I’m super comfortable around her and I trust her.

Your home can be at the mall, library, apartment, a duplex or even a friends house. Your home can really be anyplace, anywhere that you feel comfortable or relaxed.

That’s what home really means to me.