Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home

What does the meaning of home mean to me? To me home is somewhere you can freely express yourself no matter what, even if your being goofy,weird,or silly. Also, home means to me that you can feel safe,relaxed,unharmed,and protected. Home, is also a place where you can share lots of memories with family,relatives,cousins,and even friends. Plus, if it was a real home then you would be able to not stress about things that would make you stress. A home, is also were you feel that your loved,cherished,cared for,and thought of. Also, a home is where you can feel appreciated.

A home, is also a place where you could feel sad,angry,in pain,or not feeling so good,and then feel happy. Also, is a place where you can feel safe at night when you sleep and feel refreshed,and safe when you wake up. Plus, in my home I can freely think and is a place full of memories I can treasure. A home, is also a place I can freely roam, and the three words that come to mind when I think of my home is home sweet
Home. My home is a one of a kind on Earth because it is were I was born since birth.

This is what I think is a home.