Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home

A home is a place that used to be woods but now it is a house filled with family. A home is a good place that some people live in. It is a good place because it is a one-of-a-kind place. It is a wonderful place because no one has the same home as you. A person’s family’s home is the most valuable thing in the world to them. No one understands what a home is to me except me. My family lives in my home with me.

A home is a place where there are dogs like mine, Bella she is so cute and fun to play with and she loves me more than her bone. Bella keeps me safe and she loves me. I take Bella for walks because me and her love it. Bella loves chasing the ball and I love throwing the ball. Playing fetch is how I show her that I love her. Bella is a part of the family and if she wasn’t in my home I would be sad. If she was gone this home would feel way different.

Family equals love. Family is a big part of my home. I feel happy when I’m around them. Me and my family like going to theme parks, making pizzas, we play baseball and we play video games. We play lots of board games and we are going to build a bunkhouse in the backyard. We make trails in the backyard. All these things keep me entertained. My family takes care of me by letting me do chores to teach me so when I’m older I will know how to clean the house. My family disciplines me whenever I do something wrong. That makes me feel like I shouldn’t do it again. They do that because they care for me. If I had to choose between my family and another family I would choose my family.

I love comfort more than anyone in the world. Its more comfortable at your home than any place in the world. It’s warm and it feels relaxing. My parents comfort me by making me food, going swimming, tickle battles watching movies. My bed makes me feel comfortable. Home is more comfortable than school or the street or a furniture store. Home just has that special feeling.

A home is a place that we live our lives twenty-four seven. If I were going to lose my home I would be really sad but I would work really hard to get it back. I was at my home for my whole life and I want to be there for the rest of my life. A home is like a shelter from everything. I feel safe at my home because it is warm and it is full of love and I have a dog to protect me and it is really comfortable. Home is special because it is not just made out of sticks and brick, it is made out of love.