Grade 6

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador

The Meaning of Home

I moved to Mount Pearl but before that I didn’t know where I lived. I had lived in different places that I can’t even remember but for now we’re just going to talk about this one place that I had moved before I was here. Where I used to live I thought to myself this will be the last time I will ever have to move. Me talking to someone when they came into my house I would say to them welcome to my home but inside it didn’t feel like a home more so a house waiting to be loved waiting for somebody to move there and say this is home and meaning it. I didn’t mean it when I said in the past this is home after I had moved from where I was to here I was still mad and shy I was mad because I had to move away from all of my friends, my school, the people that I had ever known or even remember. When I moved here I would go behind my house to the park. I had met my best friend up to this day and now I really feel like this is home. I always feel like if I had never met her I wouldn’t be happy to be here I think I would have never made any friends. I feel like the only reason this feels like a home is because I have good friends, friends that wouldn’t take me for granted friends that don’t just go around telling my secrets I think the only reason I have ever really called this place home is because of my friends my teachers my mom my dad my sister my brother even my neighbours. Those people are the only reason I actually call this place home and mean it.