Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home

This is what home is to me

What does home mean to you? To me it is…

Home is my relaxing spot Why?. It’s because I have my family and I have my cat and fish. I have my bed too, which is one of my favorite’s. I have my backyard that is nice for playing with my family. I also love my gaming setup that is very fun. That’s why home is my great relaxing spot.

Things that make my home feel special and unique to my family are firstly, the food and our one floor living.. the great board games that we play. My family:. my sister, dad, mom and my pets. That is how my home, that I love, runs and keeps us all together.

The things that keep the happy vines going while at home . The view of the lake, the nice cold and fresh air, or even the lemonade. The friends that come over and cheer me up and make my home mean so much more. It’s fun to show my house to my friends. It’s very awesome because I like the smiles my home puts on their faces.

Those are some of the reasons why my home is super special and different from other houses. My home growing up is going to always be what makes me happy.