Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home

What is the meaning of home to me? To me, it means being able to be myself, being super happy, spending time with my family, making memories and being in a comfortable spot to express my emotions. Being at home usually makes my day and is where I make most of my memories. It’s where I can live my life to the fullest!

When I think of home, I think of being myself! I can be silly and weird! It gives me sparkly energy! At home there’s no reason why you can’t be yourself.

A major part to the meaning of home to me is having a family that loves you. If your family is super important to you and they love you a lot, that’s your home right there. I can express all of my feelings to my family. And spending time with them at home makes me the happiest I can ever be. Even if it’s just watching TV, it’s the thought that counts.

Also, when I’m at my darkest or saddest times, my home is the best place to feel those emotions. I have people who I can talk to and trust and comfort me. I don’t have to be embarrassed around them and in my home. Surrounding yourself in a safe environment with people you love and things that make you happy are important.

Home also means making memories. When you grow old, you can tell the later generations about what you remember about home. I will remember the comfortability, being my weird self, spending time with the family who looked after me and loved me, and probably some of the sad and rough times. These are all of the things that make a Home.