Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

To me the meaning of home is, a place where you are respected and loved!
Home is a place where you are cared for, respected, loved, happy and safe!
If you perhaps look outside of a house, it’s just bricks, with windows and a yard, but in reality it’s more than just windows and bricks. To me home is where all my memories are lied. Home is just so enjoyable, and somewhere you can learn from! Home is where I live, and where I spend my time with my family. Home is where I experience different items and subjects. To me my home is like a jungle with my 2 monkeys (including me). It also lies where all the craziness we’ve done! 2 Monkeys= 2 siblings. For the people who don’t have homes, they deserve homes, and they deserve to experience the love and memories. To me my home is a huge circle with silliness, and traditional events! To me, my house is guarded by my gods, and my loving parents. My house means a lot to me, I am thankful for having a house – with full of love! In addition, home is where I use different tools, and learn from my parents and siblings. The experience in home is where I’m welcomed and supported and taught. My home is a big area where my life depends on. I have lots of support, and I get to be myself in any shape and or form. I’m Thankful for where I am, and where I live.” The meaning of home….Is where I’m safe and cared for.”