Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home

What does home mean to you? To me my home is everything .

To me home wouldn’t be home without my family. They let me be me. They let me do what I wish.

My sister and brother are a huge part of my family, they are like my best friends . We talk about stuff I wouldn’t normally talk about to other people we are pretty close.

Lastly, hanging out with my family is really fun. We make lots of memories together.

Home is wherever my family is.

A house without animals isn’t a home to me . Would your house be home without your pet?

Home without my dog StanLee wouldn’t be home. I love playing with him, tossing his ball , tugging with him.

I love giving him snuggles, having naps with him. Dogs are more than what you think there are. They are your family and your best friend. They are always there for you.

It wouldn’t be home without him because he is a big part of me and my family and makes my house a home.

Home isn’t home without nature around me .

To me home isn’t home without me hearing ‘’ Do you want to go have a campfire’’.
Having a campfire outside always reminds me of home.

The smell of the trees and woods and hot chocolate are some of my favorite smells , and when I do smell them they remind me of home or make me feel like I’m at home.

Plants are also a big part of my home , we have them everywhere. They add to my house making it feel more like home.

A house isn’t just a building , there is a lot more to it that makes it a home . The people, animals , things. They are the reason your home is your home . Home is really important to me.