Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home

Is there a difference between a house and a home? For me there are many differences. A lot of people don’t notice them and call a place that they live home, even when it doesn’t make them feel safe, happy, or where they can be themselves. In this I will describe what makes my house a home.
In my house my family is very important to make it home. Firstly, we all love each other. Next, we respect and trust each other which is very good in a family. Finally, the memories that we make will always stand out in my mind. My relationship with my family is very important to me.
I love feeling good about myself in my home. To begin with, sitting in my room with a book and my favorite blanket makes me feel great. As well as, laying on my couch downstairs with hot cocoa while wearing pajamas makes me feel comfy. Lastly, playing board games with my siblings makes me feel good about myself. I like being able to treat myself to a good time.
My backyard is where we all make a bunch of memories. To start, Me and my family chase each other and I slip then we start to laugh. Furthermore, we will all watch the sunset and tell funny jokes. Lastly, we have campfires in the summer, roast marshmallows and tell scary stories. My backyard makes me feel truly alive.
Those are just a couple reasons why my house feels like home. There are definitely way more than that. So, what makes your house home?