Grade 4


The Meaning Of Home

When I walk into my house my dog runs and jumps on me and it makes me feel safe, calm and I am at a place where I can be myself. When I jump into my bed I feel comfy and cozy. I feel safe and happy in my home. It’s where my parents say goodnight to me and where my mom and dad happily wake me up in the morning. Home is a place where I can express my feelings.

I remember when I was little I laid down on the hallway floor and tried to sleep. I remember when my Jack Russell dog ran away from home. I remember when we found out my sister got over Pneumonia and she could finally come home from being in the children’s hospital for three weeks. Do you think people experiencing homelessness have memories? They have probably forgotten about the happy memories that they had and now just have sad ones like waking up underneath a cold bridge or getting real hurt and no one cares.

You should always say Person Experiencing Homelessness instead of Homeless Person because Homeless Person is more of a permanent word and it means they will be Homeless forever and Person Experiencing Homelessness means that they are just Experiencing Homelessness and they will eventually find a home.

When you walk by a Person Experiencing Homelessness do you actually stop and think about it would feel like being homeless.You can be generous and help by giving them as little as 1.00$ it can help them get a job or even buy a meal. Even a bit of food or a bottle of water can help the homeless survive.
Be Generous And Help The Homeless