Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home

The rate of people going homeless each year keeps going up by millions, way more people are losing their homes and aren’t able to pay for food, a house, an apartment or even a car. Which makes a home important to everyone, this is what makes my home important to me.

What does home mean to me? Well, first off is my family, they mean the whole entire world to me. My family always cooks me loads of delicious new different ethnic foods. I’m always super grateful for the variety of foods that we get every day! Another reason I love my family is because they’re always super nice and comforting, they care for me and always treat me awesome. Lastly I like hanging out with my brothers, we always run in the backyard or play video games together like Rocket League or we share the psvr together. I enjoy spending time with my family.

Secondly, my home wouldn’t be my home without my belongings, my pc is probably #2 on the list, it lets me connect with my friends and play video games with them like Minecraft, we get to hangout and communicate with each other. Another important belonging is my bed, without my bed I wouldn’t have a healthy life and wouldn’t do well in school. Lastly the most major belonging to me is food out of all the belongings. I love the food my mum cooks because it’s delicious and it keeps me alive and healthy. She always cooks healthy stuff like rice, chicken salad, and keeps me on a balanced diet.
I think that nobody would feel at home without their most important belongings.

Lastly my pets make my home feel more like home, my pets are awesome because I get to teach them new awesome tricks everyday and with their favourite treats. Another thing that makes me feel at home with my pets is that I get to run outside with them and run around in the snow or in the summer. Without my pets it wouldn’t feel like home because they’re a part of my family.

That is what home means to me.