Grade 6

st johns
Newfoundland and Labrador

the meaning of home

Home it’s what you think it is ,
To me it’s a place where I am safe,
I live with my loved ones ,
I play with friends,
I play with siblings,
My family is nice to me,
It feels nice to know you have a roof above your head

Home is relaxing,
It is peaceful,
My parents treat me fairly,
My dog greets me at the door,
I have two lovely houses to go to,
I have one dog and six cats,
I love to play fortnite on my xbox one,

Some people don’t have a home,
I am a really lucky guy,
I want to help them but I’m only in grade six,
I like to play on my phone when I’m relaxing on my bed,
My baby cat always comes in to visit,
But when I’m trying to go to sleep he makes a big racket,
Even though I love him sometimes i wish he’d go to bed.