Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home

What you’re about to see are important parts of the meaning of home to me.

At home i can feel like myself. I like a warm house where I can laugh and have fun. I need my bed I could not imagine having to sleep on the floor. For it to feel like home my pc has to be there. I love the outdoors because I get to play with my friends, dog and play basketball. I need my space to feel free.

Life would not be the same without my family/dog.
Firstly, I need my dog with me or it feels like a part of me is missing. Secondly, my brother and sister are very annoying but if they weren’t there my house would be very quiet. Even though my parents are divorced both of my houses feel like home to me. It feels like home when my family is there.

Both of my houses are in great locations. I like my dad’s house because my friends all live near me. At my dad’s house I can go biking or go to the park with barely any cars passing by. At my moms house I live on a lake and it is very peaceful. I know all my neighbors at both my houses and they are my friends.

What’s the meaning of home to you?