Grade 5

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

No matter who you are, if you’re big, or you’re small
A home is a place to be safe, a need for all
When I come home each and every day
I’m always so thankful, I have a place to stay
A home to vent out
About my worries, wipe them away
I’d never felt safer in any other place
With people at home to help me look fear in the face
A home is a place where we are always loved
Because people who care inhabit these walls
A place where laughs are commonly shared
With no reason to ever be scared
Some people don’t have all these simple joys
What do these people see when they wake up after a nap?
No, it isn’t the sun, not a soft, cushiony pillow
It’s a rusty park bench, covered in leaves from the willow
No one should live this horrid way
Scoping out garbage for food each night and day
That’s just cruel, in each and every way
After all, they’re just humans, just like me and you
So why should they suffer while others turn a blind eye?
They shouldn’t, it’s that simple
But why are charities and organizations the only ones?
Why can’t we help too?
A simple act of kindness always goes a long way
From a quarter to a meal, it all helps shine a ray
A ray of hope, for a person in need
And that’s why I wish to do whatever I can
To help those without a place to call their own
When I think of home, I see warmth, safety and love
And even if my home and all others fall,
I’ll still have a family to make it through it all.