Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

“Mom, I’m home!” That’s what I say when I get home after school. The reason I know it’s home and it’s safe is because I have memories and things about my home and things in my home that are special to me.

The first thing you need to make your house a home is memories. In my home my memories mainly come from family like my Sister my mom, my Dad and my brother .We have many memories like me and my dad working on his car. And like me and my dog. One time when Daneil was over and we were playing with my dog and he was chasing us and we had to hide in the downstairs bathroom and I told daniel to check if he was still there and sure enough he was there, and all I heard was a shriek and I laughed so hard.

The second thing you need to make a house a home is things about my home. For instance christmas I get quite happy when seeing all my family in the same room talking and laughing to each other usually we invite my grandpa, grandma my other grandpa that lives in vavenby and we invite my brother and his girlfriend then that’s my type of christmas.

The third thing you need to make a house into a home is things in your house for instance, nerf wars me and my cousins like to play nerf wars and I know this spot where you know where everybody is. And for another example is mini sticks my brother and play mini sticks and it’s really fun we play this version like goalie/player and we score some goals and he lets me win sometimes but if I win he fights me. And another thing in my house is a T.V I like watching t.v but when i’m trying to watch impractical jokers
My cat will jump up on our t.v stand and try to attack them and when I try to watch the hockey game it’s even worse.

These are the things that turn a house into a home and that it’ll always be special in me and my family’s heart.