Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

How do you make your house a home? you need to have a family, memories, and to be safe. If you have these things your house will turn into a home.

The first thing you need to make your house a home is family. In my home I live with my mom, dad and my pets are 2 cats. Their names are jelly bean and elsa. My family loves me and I love them. We mostly spend time together.

The second thing you need to make a house a home is memories. We keep
pictures of places we have been my mom has a photo album for me and my sister of all of the special things we’ve done in our life. We get keychains and necklaces from places we have gone we have been on vacation because it reminds me of where we have been We have a hope chest for all our valuable things that we have to help us with our also have to feel protected like living in a safe neighborhood and trusting your neighbors.

The third thing you need is to be comfortable. One thing you need is to feel protected. I feel protected in my house because we have a lock on our door so we can lock it in case of an emergency.Another thing you need is incase of a lockdown in our home we go in a room and lock the door and close the curtains so no one can see us and the last thing you need is to feel comfortable in your home like having a bed to sleep on to have a good sleep and to have some furniture to sit on.

I hope you have something like this because I do. Thank you for reading this.