Grade 5

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home to me is a place that gives me shelter, love and safety. The thing that makes me sad the most is seeing homeless people and animals living on the streets. Family means the world to me because they keep me safe, warm, loved and most of all happy. All I want to do when I see homeless people and animals is to help them. The thing that makes me the happiest is when homeless people get homes and the animals get rescued. I hate to see homeless people digging through trash cans looking for food and animals not being happy.

Despite moving four times I feel lucky that I actually have a home. My mum makes me really happy because she lets me help her bake and cook. What I look forward to the most when I get home is getting into my pjs and then FaceTiming my best friend. My favourite place in my house is my bedroom because I can have some quiet time to myself. My favourite time to go home is after a long hard day at school.

I have a dog at home and his name is Harley. He is always waiting for me when I get home from school and I love to take him on walks and feeding him his dinner. His favourite colour is red and his favourite food is chunky beef. I love him so much. I have three siblings: my little sister Abigail and my younger brothers Thomas and Joshua. I love to make slideshows with them. My dad is really funny! When he comes home from work he gives me a big hug and when it is time for bed he reads me a chapter of a book.That is the meaning of home to me and I am happy when I can help those in need.