Grade 4

Sherwood Park
Newfoundland and Labrador

The Meaning of Home

Home is a special place, somewhere everyone feels safe. Somewhere where you feel accepted, somewhere where you stay inside when the outside is cold and make hot chocolate. Somewhere where you see Mom, and Dad, and your two sisters. Somewhere where you hold your best memories. Home is the place where you keep your prized possessions, like books and toys and stuffed animals. Home feels like the right place to be, when you’re feeling down and you need reassurance. Home is the place you can curl up in bed, after writing in your diary and reading. Home… is the most special place, where you beg your mom and dad for a cat. (or a dog, or a hamster, or a bird, or…) home is my special place, where me and my Mom reorganize my room or me and Dad bike ride together. Where me and my sisters dance together, or sing or play. Home is the place where you beg your mom for the new earrings you saw on Amazon.

Home… is safe
Home… is precious.
Home… is special.