Grade 5


the meaning of home

By:Victoria Fedorenka
The meaning of home to me
is a safe space where you can share your emotions, problems, feelings for something or someone and your troubles. Home is a cozy safe place where you can be yourself and do what you want and practice different skills and learn new things with the people you know and love when you’re at home you have your family you trust and that will be there with you forever.

When I am home my stress releases and I feel more calm because when my surroundings are family I am happy and I feel good on the inside and when I am stressed I just tell my family and they help me deal with it even if you don’t have a home you can still be as happy if you have a family because your family will always be there for you unlike your home it might burn down or you may move out so home is not the only area you can stay safe.

This is what I think is the meaning of home and I hope you think so too, and remember that you will have your family and your feeling of home forever but you won’t have your friends or boyfriends/girlfriends forever.