Grade 5


The meaning of home

Home is where we make memories ,it’s where we have growing trees and buzzing bees. home is where are hearts are at, with are family mat and are furry fuzzy cat. home is were are family loves, were there are beautiful doves and all of us have warm gloves. home is are home it keeps us warm and units are family, it’s where we live, breath, eat and make memories. home gives us a place to stay, to enjoy the way ,and shout yay. We are all thankful for our great home, It keeps us warm and cozy and feeds us food. Home is love home is great home is the greatest thing for goodness sake. Home is life, home is air, home is amazing, home is care. home is great, Home puts food on a plate. But there are some people that don’t have homes, and live anywhere they can find ,alleyways, trash bins anywhere really even and map pins. Their beds aren’t comfortable or soft or have cushions sometimes on the ground or a rat bin. so this is why we all need to help these people it’s no laughing matter we need to give them a house without a single mouse with plenty of food and everyone there own room there just like us and deserve the same, they should have a roof over their heads when it rains so I hope this text has helped you know we should these people find a home.