Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home

How does home make you feel? What fun activities can you do in your home? Home makes me feel cozy and happy.

Home is where good feelings are. I feel cozy in my home. Because I have many of my own pillows and blankets that I can use to huddle up.
I am also very happy with my home. Because my home is a little bigger than the average house. That’s why I am happy with my home.

I can do fun activities in my home. I can play ball hockey out on the road with friends. When we do I like to be the goalie. I can build a fort almost wherever I want mostly because my home is bigger than normal. Those are some of the fun things I can do in my home.

Home is where my favorite places are. I really like my bedroom. Because this place is where i can play my xbox and hangout with friends! I also like my garage because this is where I can work on my old atv. And in the summer me and my dad build things. And the garage is where we get the tools. That’s why these places are my favorite in my home.