Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home

Home is somewhere I can feel my true self. I love my home because I feel welcome. In my home my feelings are important. My family cares about me. My home has many emotions, including you can be yourself, there’s always going to be tears and laughter. I can always laugh it off.

Home isn’t home if you don’t feel yourself. I could always share my feelings with my family. You can talk with anyone in your family about something you wouldn’t at school. Your deepest feelings can be shared. At home be yourself whenever you want.

Tears are a part of my home, they can be in yours too. You should never be afraid to cry in your home. I can always bring up something even if it’s sad. Trust your family whatever way you’re feeling. Tears and sadness are normal. Your home can always be a place to show it.

Home is always a place to laugh. I can laugh about anything inside my home even if it’s not funny. Laughter in my home makes everyone cheer up. In my home laughter is the happiest emotion in the world.

Home means that I can be myself, always can cry and laugh whenever I want to. I will always be welcome at home for who I am.