Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home

Home is where I feel loved and home is really important to me. Something I like to do at home is hang out with my family. I feel loved and I like my home because my dog and family.

It’s awesome coming home after a bad day. When I have a bad day I feel loved by my family. After a bad day and I’m tired I love to go to sleep and lay down with my dog, if he sleeps in my room that night. When I’m home after a bad day I love playing with my dog.

I love playing with my dog Bruin. When I get home or wake up I love seeing my dog happy. I like going to sleep because some nights my dog will either sleep in my bed or in his dog bed in my room. Being around my dog is awesome.

It’s really peaceful sometimes at home and it’s really nice. When it’s quiet and I’m watching sports or a show It’s nice and peaceful. When I’m laying down in bed on the weekend and It’s stormy it’s awesome and quiet. I like being in peace at my home.

A reason I love being home is because when me and my family hang out sometimes. Home is my favourite place to be, is it yours?