Elizabet Maria

Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home
By Elizabet Quintanilla Cruz
When I ask people of the word home they usually think of Place, house, Kitchen and rooms. Anything that would be associated with a house, here’s the thing, home has a completely different meaning when you think about it
You know that saying “Home is where the heart is.That couldn’t be phrase couldn’t be anymore true, if you don’t understand. Let me explain.

Ok, I want you to imagine this. You just got your brand new home, Its beautiful! A big garden, a nice neighborhood. It’s a beauty! But due to an accident. It gets on fire. Its burned to pieces, What are the feelings you feel. Disappointment? Anger? Those are the most common feelings.
Now I want you to imagine your childhood house also burned down. Your feelings are more different. It’s not the same as when your new house burned down. Instead of just disappointment or anger it’s something else. That house contained, the most precious memories. All the most important things. But it’s now burned down. That house was where your heart was. Not the new house.
There is a difference between them my dear friend. Your mind might’ve been at your new house. But your heart would always be at the other house. But your home won’t always last forever but something will, or I mean someone. You will always have your family with you. Through tough and hard times. Yes home is where the heart is. But the reason why it’s there. Is because family is always there. You might not have a family, but you have friends. If not, just remember that someone is there with you!