Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home

Home can mean different things to everyone. What does home mean to me? The top three things that stand out in my home to me are family, fun, and memories.

Family is so important in a home to me and this is why, my family are the people that i know the most, and home is where i feel loved by my family that is why i need a family in a home.

Memories are what stay through my home, at home I make memories with my family and friends, I make memories by having fun. Now you know why memories are needed in a home.

My house is full of fun and this is why, in the winter when it snows i have a huge hill to go sledding down and snowboarding, also my home is on a lake and we have jet skis so we have lots of fun in the summer but that’s not it i can go skating on the lake in winter! That’s why my house is always fun.

There are the things I absolutely need in a home, that’s why my home is important to me. Is yours important to you?