Grade 4

Cold Lake

The Meaning of Home

To me, my home means love, laughter,and family. The best thing about home is that you can tell when everybody is happy, and you can feel happiness and love floating around. My home also makes me feel safe. When I am at home, I feel free to be myself. I feel very blessed to have a home and every day I try to think of one thing that I am grateful for. I alway give thanks that we have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and freshwater. Some people live off of dumpsters and live on the street. I also think about my happy family and remind myself that some kids don’t have a great quality of life. I am grateful for world peace. Sometimes I feel guilty for taking stuff for granted. I am thankful for clean clothing and non-polluted air. I am so grateful that I don’t have to worry about going to look for my supper in garbage. In class, when our teacher talks to us about little boys and girls who are so sweet and innocent, who live in terrible conditions. My eyes start to tear up. I feel so sad when I see people on the street, and when they just try to talk to other people walking by, and everybody just rejects them because they think that they are different. People are people, and everyone deserves to be treated equally. I wish that people would just open their arms to those in need. It may not be fair of me to be getting a little bit angry, but it just upsets me that they get treated differently because they don’t live like us. People don’t even go out of their way to even say hello. I don’t have the words to describe how sad I am when I see people do that. When my mom died, I never thought that home would feel the same. It took me a long time to feel that MY home is still home. But then I realized that home will always be home, and that home is my family, and my family makes me ME! I never actually thought that my life would be the same without her, but I also realized that she was suffering, and that she is in the right place now. I feel ashamed sometimes because I feel like I am so hard done by, but then I think of all the wars and the people that fought for me to have a great home and actually be here. I think of the kids that don’t have a home, but keep a smile painted on their face! I want to be that kind of kid. That’s what HOME means to me.