Grade 4


The Meaning Of Home

When I think of home I think of getting home and rushing out of the truck and into the house to put away my backpack so I can finish my homework and go outside to feed our horses Jinger and Jill with my dad. When the sun starts to set I walk inside with my dad to warm up. When I open the door my dog Penny is wagging her tail and jumping up on me excited to play. As I take off my boots and coat I hear my little sister running out of her room to see me. My dad starts to make dinner and me and my sister and brother play. When my dad finishes dinner he calls everyone to the table to eat. When we enter the kitchen I inhale the smell of the food that my dad has made. When we all sit down and say prayers , it’s time to eat. And after we’re done our dinner it’s time to go to bed. As I brush my teeth and get on my pajamas I think about my warm cozy bed ready for me. After I’m done I crawl into bed almost about to doze off, my mom and dad come to say good night. After they say good night I close my eyes and drift off. When I wake up I hop upstairs and look at the sun rising in the sky glistening once again. When I think of home I think of being loved and taken care of.