Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

The Meaning of Home

How do you feel about being at home? People can feel different in many ways being at home. The meaning of home for me is trust, family, and love.

Trust is very important in a home. Trust brings people together, and to build that trust you can tell the truth and be honest. Trust lets you rely on each other, so if you need help you always have it. That’s why trust is important.

Family is very special in my home.Family gives you comfort and support if you need it. Family makes you feel safe and looked-after. That’s why family is special.

Love is everything in my home. Love makes you happy and brings you joy. Love can cheer you up if you are feeling sad.
That’s why love means a lot in my home.

When I think of home it means to me trust, family, and love.
You’ve now read the meaning of home for me, but what does home mean to you?