Grade 4


The Meaning Of Home

To me the meaning of home means family, my dog, and a stuffy that is very special (which is a teddy bear)to me because I have had him since my first visit to my church. My bigger sister is named Avery. She is 11 years old. Oh I forgot about my brother named Jax. He is as loud as a construction site! His favorite thing to do is wrestle and attack me but he’s still a good brother. My favourite food is my dad’s Japanese chicken wings. My dad just adds some extra ingredients to his chicken wings, they are very tasty. My dog is in my family. Even though he’s a dog he is still very special in my family. This naughty, fluffy creature is 15 years old in human years. She would be about 98 years in dog years I think. I’m lucky because I have books, food to eat, bed, shelter But life is not always Fair. My home is Comfortable, enjoyable, and warm.