Grade 4


The Meaning Of Home

What makes a house a home? Love makes a house a home. When I come back from school it’s my favourite time of day because my maltese poodle named Crosby greets me at the door. My home is unique because my family is in it and we have different things for our house such as games,foods and our rooms. We have games that we play such as Sushi Go Party, Candyland, Chess and Checkers. The foods we eat are pierogies that we made on our own. Sometimes when I come home I smell my mom’s cooking and I usually ask what it is. It’s usually something that I like such as pierogies, steak, salad and these yummy tacos that my mom makes they have ground beef, sour cream,cheese, some lettuce and salsa that my nana makes. My room is special because I have things from far away and my blanket that I sleep with, and my bed that is comfy for me. When I think about the poor people I feel bad for the poor they deserve a home because everybody is special Like you and me. Even when people are poor they should still have a family that loves them and cares for them. People that are poor and the people that are rich the people that are rich should give money to the poor so that they can have a bite to eat. And if the rich people don’t want to give money to the poor they can at least do the survey I always feel really bad for the poor because they deserve house food and lovely beautiful family.You know the poor people deserve a chance and an everyday normal life.