Grade 4


The Meaning Of Home

What makes my home special is the nice warm fire place that spreads warm air that leaves love in the house. When I get home from school I open the door and I hear my cat meowing for food like a bomb was going to blow up where her food bowl is. I’m grateful I have food. Some people live on the streets and don’t even have food. Then after I put my backpack away I go upstairs and play with my beloved sister. My room is really important because I have a nice warm bed to sleep in and some memories from when I was born. When I feel scared I go and cuddle with my mom and dad who care lots about me.what also makes a home feel safe is when I get to have a healthy supper with my family. When I get tucked into my bed I have feelings for those that do not have a home or a family that loves you. When I wake up my sister is always whining like a goat screaming. But i need to be kind because home is where the heart is and if there was no heart then where would the love come from. I love family day because your family cares and loves you more than anything in the world. Some games me and my beloved family love to play are monopoly deal, Sushi go, Disney code names and puzzles. After my sister goes to bed me and my mom hang out together on the couch drinking a nice warm tea by the fireplace talking about how i am doing.The people that do not have a home should get a home. they deserve love and a family!