Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home

To me, home doesn’t mean walls and roof. It means family, memories, a home is somewhere I love going to after a stressful day at school, a long shopping day, and travelling. You can make mistakes and learn from them.

Home is a safe and happy place to be yourself around your family, when I walk through that front door, I want to be myself. I can sing in the shower, eat as much food as I want, lay on my couch for the whole day and so much more. A home is also a place to be able to make mistakes.

Family is a very important part of home. Yes we do fight sometimes, however, we learn from our mistakes and get over it very quickly. Family also teaches me how to do things, cooking, gardening, bills, money use and more. All the sacrifices my family has made so we can live under a roof is crazy.

A home also means memories, positive or negative their still memories and will be fun to look back in the future. Having dreams about monsters under my bed and walking up to check under my bed, just to be sure, being sick and getting so much attention from my parents, it goes on endlessly.

Positivity is the key to home. When we go through tough things we still look on the positive side. Sometimes when we make a mistake instead of downing me about it, my family tells me what I can do better and make me feel better about it.

In my mind, a home is not a house. A house is a building that people live in, when a home is memories, laughter, mistakes and positivity. If I didn’t have a home, I would feel really sad and depressed. I am so grateful that I shelter and that I have a loving and supportive family. I started this essay having no idea what to write about and ending off with the true meaning of home stuck inside my head.