Grade 5

British Columbia

The meaning of home

I will tell you what a home means to me. What is a home to me? Well a home is the place that you live in and sometimes when you move to a different house it doesn’t feel like a home. Once I moved to a house where it didn’t really feel like a home. But the house I’m living in now feels like a home. I like our home because I live there with my family and my pets. I live with my Mom and Dad and my brother. We have a guinea pig named Piggy, a bunny named Hope, and a shark tetra and an african dwarf frog named Kermit. Sometimes when your pets die you can bury them in your backyard like we have and you can be around them when you think of them. We spend lots of time at home, we play games like go fish and snakes and ladders. I really like to play SOS with my Dad because it’s fun. I have my own bedroom, I keep all of my special stuff in there like my fish and my frog. I have lots of different feelings at home. I can be happy, mad, sad, scared or sick and my family takes care of me. When I’m feeling hungry I ask my parents for a snack. When I’m feeling thirsty they can get me something to drink. When I’m feeling cold, I go under my blankets to keep me warm. I bring my blankets everywhere with me around my house, even at the dinner table. I love my home, it’s downtown close to my school. Being at home makes me feel great!