Grade 5

British Columbia

The meaning of Home

The meaning of home to me is a place where I feel safe. It’s comfortable and safe. I feel loved by my family. I feel protected when I feel sad my family comforts me. Home is a place where I can do my homework. It’s a place where you grow up in. A home is cozy and has food and water. Sometimes I get mad with my siblings. I feel happy because I feel relaxed and not doing school work at school only homework which isn’t that bad. To me home is a place where I can bake cookies, bounce on my trampoline (not in winter) watch TV and lots of other fun stuff. It’s a place where my family hangs photos painting and pictures. It’s where I can play board games, laugh and tell funny jokes with friends and family. It’s where cousins uncles and aunts can have family reunions. A home could be lots of different areas like an apartment a shack a regular home it could even be the streets you will never know what people call a home and It could be even a mansion. Just say that you lived in 5 different houses and only two felt like a home to you. That’s because you might feel more safe or comfortable and be your first house to hang a family photo. Home to me is a place where you can safely keep your belongings. It’s a place where you can have fun, have play dates with your friends and have birthday parties as well. So that’s the meaning of home to me everyone has different opinions and this is mine. I hope you enjoyed thank you for taking your time reading this paragraph.