Grade 5

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home is different to everyone. But the meaning of home to me is a place where I can sit down and drink hot chocolate after playing in the snow all day. It’s not about what is on the outside if it’s a big mansion with a bowling alley or just an old townhouse. It doesn’t matter because it’s what’s on the inside that counts. A home to me is also a place where you can stay mostly warm or even just hang a picture on the wall. You could live in a box under a bridge and you could still call that home. Most of all, a home is also a place that I am surrounded with love from my family. Home is a place where I can let my emotions fly loose and get angry at my parents. It is also a place I can read, try to play guitar, and sleep and I think everybody deserves a place to call home. In my home I usually hang around, watch tv and play on my tablet. On other days we will go to the store and hope nobody steals from our home. Home is a place you can feel safe and not scared. Sometimes in homes you can have pets, but if you have fish do not get a cat . Your cat will climb into the tank and eat them if that is what it has to do. Home is a place where you can have a family game night and movie night. Movie night for me is really important because once a week my family and I get to spend time together as a family and I never miss it. I love my home.