Grade 5

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

Home is a feeling, but most people get it wrong. I’ve had three houses, yet only one has felt like home. In my perspective, home is where you feel happy, most of the time, you should feel safe, and barely feel alone. Home is where you have a meal. A home is a place, with enough room to sleep, cook, eat, play and relax. You should never feel frightened, scared or terrified. Home isn’t just any house, apartment, townhouse or mansion. It’s a place of love, kindness, and happiness. You may not feel loved, happy, or feel kindness towards you all the time, but you should be feeling this way around 80% of the time. Home should feel this way because almost everybody wouldn’t want to go home to a place that was noisy, uncomfortable or terrifying. Home is a place with photos, pictures or paintings on the walls. A place with enough room for all your belongings, is what I call home. A place where everything is set up. Nothing in boxes, packages, or anything else. A place with family and maybe even friends, is a home. Most people say home is happy, but I feel they are wrong. At times, home can be a scary, cruel place. One minute you could be reading your favorite book, on your comfy bed, the next minute you could be lying under your bed dialing 911 because someone threw something at your window, and broke in. But home can also be very happy, reading your favorite book eating cookies, or making crafts. Playing or talking are all things you could do in a home. Home can be happy. Home can be sad. Home can be a mix of a lot of feelings. But in the end, home is the best place on earth.