Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

Where is there love? Whether it’s happiness sadness, the person or people living in a home will always have love. Either you’re watching TV or eating ice cream, no matter what you’re doing, there is love. When people are content and comfortable, the house isn’t just a house any more, it’s a home. A home can make memories for a family, but not only for families, but for people that are alone. If a person is all grown up and alone, the house they live in can still be a home. Some people that are sad and have nobody to be with, no family members, no friends, no nothing, they can still make a friend in their home. They can be good friends with a pet. It doesn’t matter what animal, as long as you along with it, it’s a friend. The meaning of home isn’t so simple, it doesn’t just mean a place you live in, it means a place you thrive in.