Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home
by Nathan

Home is a safe and cozy place where you can play, run, jump and enjoy life. Home can protect us from strong winds and freezing cold weather, no one would like that.
You can do a lot of incredible things in a safe and cozy place. You can celebrate in a bigger space that is safe and you can sleep in a cozy spot and last but not least you can have a bigger space for a birthday party.
We are lucky to have a home so next time you say I don’t like my house just think of the people that do not have homes, you and everyone with a home are lucky. You deserve a house, everyone deserves a house. Sometimes there is trouble in a house with your siblings and I usually have trouble being calm especially when I am with my little sister.
P.S. If you get chosen please build the house somewhere there are no trees or nature we are having trouble with nature and life.