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The Meaning of Home

Home is a place where the squirrels love to play,
Where the hermit crabs lay in the sand all day.
Home is a place where the birds fly away to a warmer place in the Winter.
Home is where the groundhogs sleep,
They sleep and sleep for weeks and weeks.
Home is where I can be me and where I can be free. Home is where I have high hopes and dreams
But not everyone has a safe home like me.
What would I do without a home?
I would get scared and shed tears of my own.
What would I do if I did not have a bed?
How would I sleep?
Nothing could work then not even counting sheep.
To think that there are kids even as young as me
Who don´t have a safe home, or nowhere to sleep
It makes me sad because everyone young or old short or tall mom or dad deserves a safe home.