Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

I am going to tell you about a house that needs to be worked on, so it looks like a home that needs, help.

A home is where you feel safe and love. You need family, furniture, a bed ,a tv , food, table,safety,love and life. Life safety and family is more,
then you need to be home.

We want to use the pants in my house and the walls so they look pretty. My family loves my home with my mom, dad , brothers, and my sister.
And people want to have a nice home, not a ugly home. I have so many memories at my home. It is the best home to me. I do not want to move. I like my home.

My home is my life to me. You will feel so safe, in you’re. I love my home. Home You don’t know how much I love my home. I hope you feel the same about your home. It will make me happy if you do.

I like my home. It is like my life at home with my mom, my dad, my brother, And my pet’s.