Grade 6

Grande Prairie

The Meaning Of Home

I get home from school and close the door behind me
as a smile spreads across my face.
From there I move towards my mothers embrace.
I Love My Home.
Yes I have chores and get bored to,
But that doesn’t stop me from saying “I love you”.
I Love My Home.
As you can see I’m making a change, and all I’m doing is writing words on a page.
I Love My Home.
My home is a place where there’s no need for a certain race.
I Love My Home.
My home is where I laugh and giggle,
Little by little.
I Love My Home.
And in my home I am free to play,
Even if it’s not my birthday.
I Love My Home.
In my home, a hobby to do,
Is memorizing memories,
And I’ll do it with you.
I Love My Home.
Then at night I’ll rest my head,
on the pillow that sits on my bed.
I Love My Home.
I Love my home as you should to,
so come on in and maybe I’ll give you a sneak preview.
I Love My Home.