Grade 6

British Columbia

The Meaning of Home

Home to me is a place where I can feel safe,loved,and relaxed.It makes me happy because I’m not lonely.I know I’m loved.And I know I’m safe.I can hang out with friends.You have memories you have sad,happy,and angry memories.You can have pets they comfort you when your sad and mad they make you feel safe and happy.Family is loving,and happy.Home to me is a piece of art.the meaning of home to me it having a safe environment, my family and pets.My parents make me feel protected and loved in my house.I have a loving environment.

The first thing that makes me feel at home is feeling safe.Having a loving parents make me feel protected and loved. My home makes me feel safe because I know I’m not going to be harmed by anything. Pets can also make you feel safe because we have a close connection. This is why I feel safe in my home.

The second thing that makes a house a home is who my parents are. They make me happy and not lonely.We play board games mostly Operation. We go for walks and watch movies together. Having parents can make your house a home because I know that I am loved by my parents.

The third thing that makes my house a pets. They comfort you when your sad, happy and mad.i had a cat named Nermal. He was grey.He died when I was 9.he used to cuddle me and keep me warm at night.

These things make me confronted, and safe and happy memories.