Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

The meaning of home to me is all the food in the big nice home. Yum, turkey.
I think food is goo. It is very yummy. Food is good for you. Chicken is yummy. Finally, someone listens to me. Food is yummy.
Everyone should play with their dad. It is fun playing games with him a lot. I like playing with him outside. I like spending time with him. In closing, it is nice playing in a house with your dad. I think every person needs a safe house to play with their dad a lot inside so they don’t hurt themselves and have to go to the hospital and have surgery.
I think everyone needs a very cute pet to cuddle with them every night and day. I think pets are cute! I play with them a lot. I like cuddling with them a lot. I love sleeping with them a lot. Don’t forget they are cute.
In closing, what does home mean to you? For me it is the yummy food.