Grade 6


The Meaning of Home

“A house is made out of bricks and beams a home is made of hopes and dreams”

This quote is very true to me because many amazing wishes or hopes have come alive in my home. After a long day at school or even the beginning of school, all I can think of is home. The smell of good food as soon as I walk in my home is my favourite. It makes me feel warm, loved and happy. If it’s cold outside, the feeling of warmth as soon as I step in my home is one of my favourite feelings. Having a sense of being welcomed when you step into a home is what it should be about. Having a home to me means being able to sleep in a warm bed and feeling safe and secure all the time.
In a home, laughter, love and happiness is what should always surround you. Being able to open up with people around and share amazing memories together gives you a warm place to always come back to. In my opinion, a house is just a structure or a body of wood and brick. It is just a solitary object or building. In order for a house to become a home you need all elements of love, happiness, cheer and joy. A home should be a place that you should look forward to spending your time in everyday bonding with the people around you. The word “home” can be said in all types of different languages, but it will always mean the same thing.
The meaning of home is way more than just a simple house.