Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

My topic is about the meaning of home because the meaning of home is most likely to have furniture, family, warmth because…
In my opinion everyone should have furniture cause if you want to… lay down,eat,sleep. (without spilling too much). Here’s why: furniture comes in handy . Beds whenever you need a lay down or if you need to sleep, your bed is there. Sofas are the same with beds but you can do more you can… bounce (don’t let the parents know); eat, watch a movie and even sit. Yeah, just sit. You can do alot more but I don’t know any more stuff to do. I prefer everyone should have at least one table in their house because they can help a lot (thanks to the person who invented tables). You can eat on it, you can sit on it,maybe more I guess. In conclusion I think everyone should have furniture.
I think everyone should have a family. Everyone should have family because family can help a lot with keeping you safe, feeding you, risking their life for you (maybe) and they’ll keep you warm. Dogs are even better because (if) they want to play with you they will. They might be a little madangry and play more rougher and bite. Siblings. Some can be nice or mean. Like, mean siblings can blame you for something you didn’t do for example break a one million dollar vase then blame you for no reason. I think everyone should have a family.
In my opinion everyone should have warmth because if heaters didn’t exist we would be freezing. Warmth can be useful for a no food or water challenge; they’ll fish and start a fire and cook it. The same with water. Warmth can save lives on dark and cold nights.