Grade 4


The Meaning of Home

I think the meaning of home is family, to deserve and joy. Those are my topics. I hope you like the reasons.
I feel everyone needs family. Why I feel this is that a family protects you and loves you. Another reason is a family provides you food and water. One more reason is a family helps you grow up in peace. In conclusion I feel everyone need a family.
I think everyone deserves to have a home. Why I think everybody deserves to have a home is because most families don’t get a chance like this. Another reason is most families would live on the streets without Habitat for Humanity. They deserve a home and now they can. The last reason is everyone deserves to have something or someone. In closing I think everybody deserves to have a home. In my opinion everyone needs joy. Why I think that is because without joy everything would be dark and sad. Another reason is joy makes you happy and warm on the inside. The last reason is that joy makes you, your family, even friends happy. Finally that’s why I think everyone need joy.
In closing those three are very important to me. Hopefully you think so too.