Grade 5


The Meaning of Home

Home is a place of love and laughter.
Home is a place I feel loved and cared for.
Home is where I feel safe and protected.
A house is not a home, a house is wood, nails and furniture but a home is a feeling.
Home is cozy like a teddy bear.
Home is a place where I can express my feelings.
Home is a place to be with friends, family and people I trust.
Home is a place I feel welcomed and comforted.
Home is as special as gold.
Home is a place of warmth.
Home is a place everybody is accepted and free to be themselves.
When I fall asleep at night I am not afraid.
Home can be anywhere like in a tree, on a boat, in a house or even all of Canada.
I am very grateful to have a home because I am with very special people and home brings us all together.